Company Background

Starting in 1984 as a remodeling contractor, Oddonetto Construction Inc. quickly developed a reputation as one of the finest remodelers in the area. New challenges were met when Oddonetto Construction Inc. took on the renovation of several historical buildings in Central Arizona. After several years in the field, Oddonetto Construction Inc. expanded to take on new construction projects for commercial and industrial clients. We now serve every major mining operation in the Copper Triangle as well as local residents, working on projects ranging from extensive earthwork and reclamation to building repairs and renovations.

Communication is Key

The key to the successful management of our projects is accessibility and communication. We maintain constant communication with our clients, our architects, and our construction crews. We believe that the best way to produce a successful project is personal involvement in each phase, start to finish. Our clients have a direct line to the top level of our management, plus access to years of experience through our Supervisors and Site Managers.